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Chaos at the Civic Centre. Picture:Tracey AdamsINDEPENDENT MEDIACape Town – In a foretaste of the ANC-DA political battle in Cape Town ahead of the 2016 local government elections, this year’s first full council sitting descended into chaos, with some ANC councillors seen throwing punches on Wednesday.

The tension between the political rivals was palpable from the onset as mayor Patricia de Lille and the ANC, led by Tony Ehrenreich, locked horns over issues that included services, MyCiTi bus routes and the renaming of Table Bay Boulevard after former president FW de Klerk.

ANC councillors heckled De Lille during her opening speech in which she listed a number of projects the city would undertake.

Matters turned personal when Ehrenreich questioned De Lille’s budget allocations.

“R27 million has been given to communities that have desperate (service delivery) backlogs, yet you spend R40m on what is the city’s party gimmick, called the World Design Capital, to host multimillion-rand parties for the wealthy,” Ehrenreich said.

An angered De Lille fired back: “I am so glad that 2016 is soon approaching so that the ANC can get another leader for the opposition. We still have another 15 to 16 months left to listen to the same stuck record. The ANC is clowning around.

“I cannot debate in clown politics. Please can I ask that the ANC get a better leader.”

The contentious renaming of Table Bay Boulevard dominated the agenda, with De Lille saying she knew the ANC opposed renaming it after De Klerk. “They are opposed to progressive politics and anything that is not backward-looking and embraced by the cold hands of racialised politics. This does not surprise me. The ANC has no vision for Cape Town,” she said.

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