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Johannesburg, 19 January 2015 – Everything you thought was T20 entertainment is about to be hit out of the park as the inaugural Varsity Cricket season looks to challenge all the rules of conventional T20 cricket.

During the six-day jamboree, innovations such as a Power Play Plus Over, Strategy Break and targets on the side of the field that will yield ten runs if hit, will ramp up the action as eight of South Africa’s top university sides slog it out to be crowned champions.

The Power Play Plus Over can be called at any time during the batting innings. The call can only be made once the bowler is at the top of his mark for the new over and a change of bowler cannot be made once the Power Play Plus Over has been signalled.

All runs scored during this over will be doubled while any wicket that falls will cost the side five runs. These runs will be added to the extras column for the next six balls with the runs deducted for losing a wicket also deducted from the extras column. Extras such as wides and no-balls are also doubled during the Power Play Plus Over.

Should a batsman lose his wicket during this over, he will be out, but the over will continue until it is completed.

The Targets on the side of the field will be erected between the boundary rope and the perimeter fence on the square boundaries on either side. Should a batsman hit these targets he, and the batting team, will be awarded ten runs. These runs are added to the batsman’s total.

Such innovation will be encouraging attacking play and could see a batsman score as many as 20 runs off a single ball and will ensure that the action never stops.

The Strategy Break will be taken after the tenth over and will allow team management as well as substitute fielders of the bowling team on to the field to discuss their approach for the next nine overs. The batting side will also be allowed to receive water from a teammate.

The tournament will also be played with pink balls. This offers spectators and possibly future South African cricket players a first-hand look at the future of cricket.

The action-packed tournament is just another way Varsity Sports continues to innovate and break ground on the South African sporting landscape.

* About Varsity Cricket

Varsity Cricket is one of the sporting codes of Varsity Sports. The competition will have its inaugural season in 2015 with South Africa’s top eight universities playing each other in a week-long tournament. The winner will have the opportunity to represent South Africa at the Red Bull Campus Cricket World Final.

Cricket South Africa supports Varsity Cricket.

Varsity Sports is a high-performance competition platform that enables South African universities to compete against one another in a number different sporting code. These codes are athletics, hockey, cricket, football, beach volleyball, 7s rugby and netball.
Established in 2009 and administered by Cape Town and Sandton-based Advent Sport Entertainment & Media (Pty) Ltd (ASEM), Varsity Sports is the exclusive service provider (via a 10-year multi-media rights agreement) to the University Sports Company (USC), whose objective it is to administer, develop, co-ordinate and promote non-professional sport between higher education institutions in South Africa.

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