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Award-winning Pressure Cooker Studios once again showcases the agency’s outstanding talent and abilities to compose scores and sound design for feature films and television with the release of short film ABZ-2079. The experimental film is the brainchild of celebrated actor/director Porteus Xandau, who stated that it is available exclusively online through various creative showcasing sites.

Xandau explains: “ABZ-2079 is a dance based portrait study of the Anglo-Boer-Zulu War and is a futuristic science fiction interpretation of the historical events. In terms of style, it’s post-apocalypse meets pop-Africana. The characters include a Zulu warrior, a British robotic soldier and a Boer ballet dancer.”

James Matthes, co-founder and composer of Pressure Cooker Studios, says that they were given creative freedom for the score and sound design, as long as it had a dramatic tone filled with unconventional and noise based sounds. “Porteus would challenge us by asking, what would a robot sound like when crying, which made the process experimental and challenging. It’s definitely the hardest project we’ve ever tackled.”

Matthes says that they are very proud of the final product and expect ABZ-2079 to become a viral favourite with its very unique edge.

Shot in Cape Town and surrounds, ABZ-2079 is produced by Herman le Roux and stars Mia Labuschagne, Sonwabo Vayi and B-Boy Bax.

ABZ-2079 is available at

For more information about Pressure Cooker Studios, visit

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